We connect Yemen with the world.

The Yemen Solidarity Council is one of the only western-based non-profit organisations that connect and unite the Yemeni people with the world, in a bid to formulate the ``other side`` of the country rarely heard of.

We consult on the war against Yemen.

The YSC helps NGO's, activists and politicians on what position to take regarding the war against Yemen, in line with international law. We also touch upon issues that we think deserves attention, yet rarely receives any.

Our story.

Why the Yemen Solidarity Council was created in the first place, and for what purpose.

The Yemen Solidarity Council, previously known as the International Solidarity Committee with Yemen, is an international non-profit public affairs organisation created with the sole intention of shedding light on the other side of the Yemeni conflict and the Yemeni country, rarely heard of in the western press.

Ever since March 26th 2015 when the Saudi-American Alliance declared war against Yemen, the media and various western state authorities have subscribed to a pro-Saudi narrative on Yemen, framing the majority of the Yemeni people as rogue “rebels backed by Iran”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fact is, the Saudi-American Alliance is trying to force Yemen on its knees through bloodshed and terror. Contemporary Yemeni history clearly shows a Saudi-American interest in pulling Yemen’s internal, domestic strings for its own benefit, all the while it has exploited the Yemeni people as slave labour and natural Yemeni ressources for its own economy.

Hence, to combat any misconceptions and let the voice of the Yemeni people be heard, the Yemen Solidarity Council was established in late 2018.