Saudi-backed mercenaries continue to to target civilians and violate the cease-fire

US and Saudi-backed forces continued to target Hodeidah province in violation of the ceasefire agreement, while several raids have been carried out on the governorates of Saada, Ibb and Taiz in the last 24 hours. 

A security source told Saba that artillery shelling of the forces of aggression targeted the residential neighborhood of July 7 in the province of Hodeidah and caused the burning of four houses and damaged a number of neighboring houses. 

The source pointed out that the air aggression launched 13 raids on customs orphanage Directorate of Sabra in Ibb province; and targeted two houses a citizen in the area of ​​Wazan in the Directorate of Khadir in Taiz. 

The source said that the hostile aircraft launched a raid on the area of ​​Ali, Directorate of Razih border in the province of Saada; while the artillery shelling targeted the enemy farms and houses of citizens in the area of ​​Talan Directorate of Haidan province itself.

Yemeni forces exterminate dozens of Saudi invaders

Dozens of Saudi military mercenaries were killed and wounded today during an attack on their positions in Najran province, Saudi Arabia.

A military source told Saba that the army and the Popular Committees carried out an attack on the mercenary sites in the square encouraged the killing and wounding dozens of them. 

Meanwhile, killed and injured were 16 citizens in a raid of the US-Saudi coalition in the province of Hajjah, and continued violations of invaders and mercenaries of the cease-fire agreement have continued in the province of Hodeidah during the past 24 hours.

A security source told Saba that four citizens were killed and 11 others were wounded in an air strike targeting a citizen’s car while heading to a market in the Directorate of Mustaba in Hajjah. 

The source explained that a child was wounded by fire from the invaders and mercenaries in the area of ​​Dom al-Hadi Directorate of Tahita in the province of Hodeidah, and was targeted intensively combing mercenaries at light and medium rates farms and property of citizens in the mountain in the Directorate. 

He pointed out that intensive bombardment of the forces of aggression with heavy and medium machine guns targeted various areas west of the village of Magari Directorate of Hiss. 

In the city of Hodeidah, different areas of the area of ​​7 July, Hara Dbayani, CityMax and Mobile tour were subjected to heavy shelling by the forces of aggression with heavy and medium machine guns. 

The source said that a Saudi missile bombardment targeted populated villages in the Directorate of Shada border in Saada province.