Invaders and mercenaries target civilians in Hodeidah province

Invaders and mercenaries have breached the cease-fire agreement during the past 24 hours with  dozens of missiles hitting various areas of Hodeidah province.

A security source said that the invaders and mercenaries continued to bombard a mobile tour and the outskirts of the 50th Street and Hara al-Dhibayani in the city of Hodeidah with machine guns. 

The invaders and mercenaries shelled with 18 mortar shells and a number of guided missiles and various machine guns areas in the Directorate of Drehami, which is besieged, and targete the village of Shijn northeast of the city of Drehemi, which caused damage to homes and property of citizens. 

The source pointed to the shelling of various machine guns of the invaders and mercenaries at the villages and different areas of Kilo 16, and the downing of a spy drone belonging to the forces of aggression. It was downed with an appropriate weapon while it was carrying out hostile tasks in the sky above the city of Drehami. 

The source confirmed the failure of the march of mercenaries north-west of Hiss, where the enemy used vehicles, armored vehicles and artillery. The forces of aggression also shelled different areas in the mountainous area of ​​the Directorate of Tahita with 8 artillery shells and light and medium weapons.

The source said that the air aggression launched two raids on the camp of Hamzah in the province of Ibb, and two raids on the Al-Saifi district of the Department of Sahar in the province of Saada.


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