ISCY denounces hijacking of the Sudanese revolution

The ISCY is absolutely appalled by the latest news coming out of Sudan, with more than 100 people killed in the last couple of days in an organized effort by the Military Council to suppress & disperse activists calling for democracy.

The ISCY condemns – on the strongest terms – the hijacking of the Sudanese revolution by the Transitional Military Council, and calls for an end to the bloodshed.

Furthermore, the ISCY considers the Sudanese revolution as being on-par with the Yemeni struggle for freedom, & part of the greater post-Arab spring renaissance revival.

We call for unconditional support by all free men & women across the globe, to stand in solidarity with the struggling working class of Sudan, while simultaneously standing by the Sudanese people’s call for a democratic, civillian government.

International Solidarity Committee with Yemen, Board of Trustees June 7th, 2019