ISCY feature on PressTV – Saudi’s ignore mass execution of Yemen (VIDEO)

The MisEaStream is a weekly political show that focuses on the geopolitics of the Middle East. It discusses two topics every week with two experts on the topic at hand. The show opens with a focused and opinionated introduction into the first segment and flows into the second segment with a factual report.

It is hosted by Dr. Marwa Osman, a renowned Lebanese journalist, university lecturer and activist, who moderates her show with powerful and inspiring rhetoric. She was joined with the International Solidarity Committee for Yemen very known Jay Tharappel.

In this must watch episode, Tharappel and Osman both discuss in great detail the reasoning and logic behind the Saudi aggression against Yemen. Some topics discussed include the civilizational history of Iran against Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and the strategic location of Yemen.

Enough writing, and time to watch this informative video!


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