Number Of Saudi Soldiers And Mercenaries Killed In Military Operations

A number of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries have been killed and wounded in operations by the army and the popular committees targeting their gatherings during the past 24 hours, and an enemy spy plane was shot down in Jizan.

A military source told Saba that the missile was targeted by a F -4 ballistic missile, an innovative camp for the Saudi army and its mercenaries south of Najran, which led to dozens of deaths and injuries in their ranks.

The source confirmed the death of a number of Saudi soldiers after the destruction of their vehicle south of Khashl in Jizan, and the destruction of a mechanism loaded with mercenaries off Mount Qais and the death and wounding of those who were.

The source said that the air defenses in the army and the popular committees dropped a spy plane to the forces of aggression east of Jafan in Jizan, was sniping four mercenaries east of the dud.

He explained that the army and the committees broke the crawling mercenaries of the Saudi army east of the dud, resulting in the deaths and injuries in their ranks.

The source said that three rockets were fired from the type of earthquake 1 on the concentrations of mercenaries of the Saudi army off the iron doors in Asir and the deaths and injuries in their ranks.

The army and the Popular Committees failed to attempt infiltration of mercenaries off the port of Warcraft in Asir and were targeted by artillery. The mercenary march was also broken off a four-hour box of porters, killing and wounding a number of them and fleeing the remaining.

 In the province of Taiz, the march of the mercenaries was broken from three tracks towards the positions of the army and the committees in front of the bulldozers Directorate of Maafer.

The source pointed to the destruction of a military mechanism belonging to mercenaries in the province of Nada in the province.

 The source added that a barrage of Katyusha rockets and a number of artillery shells were fired at the concentrations and fortifications of mercenaries west of Hiran in Hajjah province, killing and injuring a number of them.

The artillery shelled a group of mercenaries east of Jabal al-Nar and north-east of the Aham hill. Three of the mercenaries were also sniped and the mechanism of the eastern triangle of A’am was vandalized.


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