Saudi aggressors kill 11 Yemeni civilians, including children

The US-Saudi warplanes carried out raids on the provinces of Dalea and Hajjah, killing and injuring 11 civilians, including women and children, while the forces of aggression continued to violate the Hodeidah agreement during the past 24 hours.

A security source told Saba news agency that seven children and women were injured in the bombing of the battleships on the Al-Jar area of ​​Abas district in Hajjah province. 

The source said that three citizens were killed and another was wounded by an air strike on the house of a citizen in the area of ​​Thoqab Directorate of Al-Hazaa province of Dali. 

The source pointed out to repel the march of the forces of aggression in the Al-Jah district of the Directorate of Beit al-Faqih province of Hodeidah with the participation of armored vehicles and heavy and medium support. The forces of aggression bombed one of the citizens’ farms in Kilo 16 with a number of mortar shells. 

The forces of aggression targeted Hodeidah International Airport with medium machine guns. 

The source pointed out that the air aggression targeted six communications network in the Directorate of Haidan in the province of Saada, and launched 17 raids on different areas of the Directorate of Baqem border.

The source pointed out that the villages inhabited by the population in the Directorate of Manba border was hit by a rocket and a Saudi artillery.

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