Saudi’s use illegal cluster bombs, injure children

Two children were injured yesterday after a cluster bomb of the US-Saudi aggression in Saada province detonated.

A security source in the province said that two children from the Al-Muqna’a district of the Minabah border administration were injured by a cluster bomb that was left behind by the invasionary forces.

The source warned citizens not to approach or tamper with foreign objects.

Meanwhile, three children were wounded by invaders and mercenaries in the provinces of Hodeidah and Saada in the last 24 hours.

A security source said that a boy was shot by the invaders and mercenaries in Gaza Street in the city of Hodeidah. 

The source pointed out that artillery shelling and intensive light and medium strikes of mercenaries targeted Hodeidah airport and adjacent areas, and artillery shelling continued on residential areas south of the city. 

The source pointed out that the invaders and mercenaries shelled with mortars and guided missiles towards the Union, Al-Huhayn, Citi Max and other neighborhoods on 50th Street. 

The mercenaries shelled eleven mortars north of Hess. 


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