Spokesman of Armed Forces confirms Importance of Normalizing situation in Liberated Areas

Spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari’a, on Thursday confirmed the state leadership’s keenness on restoring security and stability and normalizing the situation in the liberated areas.

This came in a statement, after a visit to the totally liberated front of Awd, passing from the areas of Khashbah and Al-Fakhir, to the end of Al-Hasha district, Dhalea province, after securing it completely and defeating the mercenaries, invaders and occupiers.

He added that the recent operations was crowned with the liberation of more than a 1000 square kilometers.

He also stressed that the army and the Popular forces are continuing with all the citizens of Yemeni people in liberating all the occupied areas, pointing to continue to launch the operations until the clearing of every inch of the homeland.

The spokesman of the armed forces sent letters to reassure the citizens in the southern provinces that there is no aggressive intentions towards them, pointing out that the army and the popular forces with them side by side to liberate their provinces and throwing out the occupation troops belonging to the US-saudi-UAE aggression coalition from their provinces, affirming in this regard that the operations that have been implemented recently targeting only the invaders and mercenaries, not the honorable citizens from the occupied provinces in south.

Coalition’s media outlets try to persuade people that the army victories is targeting the citizens in southern occupied provinces, while the events prove that the citizens in these provinces try to support the fighters to liberate their areas.


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