UAE Conspiring To Tear Down The Yemeni Social Fabric

The forced displacement of Yemeni citizens from the northern governorates and its repercussions has dominated the Yemeni scene during the past few days, as this cacophony has nothing to do with the Yemeni self, its principles, values ​​and ethics.

This unprecedented criminal act was carried out by regional gangs in military uniforms created by the UAE and used to carry out an agenda of a colonial nature in Yemen and mobilized in a spirit of sectarian and regional hatred and hatred.

The scene is clear and does not depart from the deportation of the UAE’s ambitions in Yemen and to achieve its objectives this rogue state formed and financed armed militias under different names and eaten by the gangs of criminal acts amounted to striking the Yemeni flesh, which will leave a catastrophic excitement on the Yemeni homeland and its citizens.

Hula is not aware of the killers and is not aware of what they are doing from the criminal acts against our Yemeni people and the future of his generations. The United Arab Emirates .

The Supreme Political Council in Sanaa deplored the forced displacement campaigns and warned of the disastrous consequences of this shameful and unacceptable behavior by all our Yemeni people.

This outrage has provoked all the Yemeni citizens as they see criminals and murder desecrate the present and offend Yemen’s ancient history, principles, values ​​and ethics.

But what is certain is that such a criminal act will not succeed and will not survive.


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