Yemeni forces attack Saudi airport, kill many mercenaries

The military and the Popular Committees have carried out military operations against the positions, assemblies and mechanisms of the Saudi-led mercenary army on several fronts over the past 24 hours. The air force launched an attack on Najran airport in southern Saudi Arabia for the third time.

A military source told the Saba news agency that the air force was carrying out an attack by a K2 bomber on the US-made Patriot air defense system at Najran airport.

The source added that the operation was carried out after intelligence monitoring confirmed the accuracy of information leading to very high success rate.

The source pointed out to the battle against mercenaries in Najran lasted several hours with the participation of warplanes and Apache helicopters leading to significant deaths and injuries in their ranks. The rocket was fired on one concentration of mercenaries in the Taibah camp in the desert of Ajashr close to Najran.

The source said that the army and the Popular Committees carried out an incursion onto the positions of mercenaries in Rabwa Aseer and killed and wounded many in their ranks.

According to the source, the destruction of two tanks belonging to Saudi-led mercenaries on the Qtaiba front in the province of Dalea occurred thanks to guided missiles.

The source pointed out that an attack targeted the sites of mercenaries in battle front in Taiz province, and shelled their reinforcements with artillery, killing and wounded many in their ranks.

The source pointed out that the army artillery and Popular Committees targeted the mercenaries east of Jabal al-Nar in the province of Hajjah, which led to the burning of three tents and the deaths of many.


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