Yemeni government establishes new bakery for the poor

The Yemeni Foundation for Humanitarian Development launched on Monday, Al-Khariri Bakery No. 3 Sahar Al-Saadi in the central sector of Dhamar city, within the framework of the “Feeding Food” project.

During the inauguration, Al-Sharqi praised the important project, which reflects a sense of responsibility for Yemen’s aggression and unjust siege, and the spirit of community solidarity and charity among the community.

He stressed the importance of the continuation of this project, calling for the opening of other charity bakeries, and increasing the number of families targeted, and expressed his willingness to provide more support for this project.

Director of the Yemeni Foundation for Human Development, Adel Ali Al-Mahakari, pointed out that the project targets the poorest families in Dhamar city, providing them with daily bread, thus contributing to alleviating the difficult conditions experienced by the citizens, especially the poor as a result of the brutal aggression and unjust siege against the Yemeni people.

He added that the project was implemented nearly a year ago with the support of the supervision office of the Political Committees in Dhamar governorate, and some businessmen, traders and benefactors, where two grocery stores were opened to provide 300 families from the poorest families in the southern and western sectors with bread on a daily basis within the first phase of the project .

He called on businessmen, traders and philanthropists to support this project in this holy month of charity and piety, known as Ramadan.


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