Yemeni unity is the greatest achievement for the Yemenis

A member of the Supreme Political Council Sultan al-Samai and the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor that Yemen’s unity is the greatest achievement of the Yemenis in their contemporary history. 

This came during a ceremony organized by the General People’s Congress today in Sana’a, in celebration of the 29th National Day of the Republic of Yemen in the presence of members of the Supreme Political Council Ahmad Ghaleb Al-Rahawi, Jaber Al-Wahbani, Speaker of Parliament Yahya Al-Ra’i, Speaker of the Shura Council Mohammed Al-Aidroos, Ministers and members of the House of Representatives and Shura Council and the leaders of the conference. 

He pointed out that the day of May 22, 1990, witnessed the greatest event in the history of the Yemeni nation, raising the flag of Yemeni unity in Aden, the economic capital of Yemen.

“There is no way out, no dignity and no dignity for the Yemenites except Yemeni unity, and any exclusion of any party will not succeed because this achievement came to unite everyone under the umbrella of national partnership without which narrowing the chances of stability, development and construction,” he said. 

“We demand that the Yemeni unity be corrected in a new way, and we affirm here that unity will remain our goal and we will continue to serve this country and against any wrongdoing that comes from anyone,” he added. 

For his part, congratulated the President of the Government of Salvation Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor, leadership of the General People’s Congress on the success and completion of the regular session of the Standing Committee of the Conference, which was a challenge led the leadership of the Conference led by Sheikh Sadiq Amin Aboras President of the People’s Congress and his colleagues in the leadership of the Conference to collect that huge number Who had come to interact with his leadership on the ground in the Republic of Yemen.

“The internal cohesion of the conference has increased with the holding of the Standing Committee session and it is difficult to uproot the conference and turn it into a group of immigrants outside Yemen in order to lead this enormous human party bloc,” he said. 

Dr. Ben Habtoor stressed the importance of the cohesion of the home front and the realization of the importance of re-achieving the blessed unity of Yemen, and to stand as an event that must not pass unnoticed but must be talked about for future generations. 

He pointed out that no matter what the mistakes, the goal was Samia is to re-achieve the unity of Yemen, which saved the Yemeni people from the rupture and tyranny from outside and with the help of the inside. 

“The unity did not satisfy our neighbors and Saudi Arabia in particular, and this war is only an extension of that hostile position and because we said to them not and achieved unity.”

He pointed out that the new hostile plan that Yemen currently lives is managed through a Zionist project in the West and with the cooperation of the Arabs of Israel in the Gulf, who want to dismantle Yemen not to the north and south, but even more. 

Abizaid bin Habtoor, “the alliance of the Saudi-UAE aggression tore Yemen and create barriers between Yemenis through the aggression, which began on 26 March 2015, which requires us to link the issues with each other even if there are many failures and challenges, which we expect many of them.” 

The Prime Minister called on everyone to maintain unity by defending the people, who have stood steadfastly for four years and several months and to strengthen the cohesion of the internal front, which the countries of aggression seek and by any means to create.

He stressed that the cohesion between the General People’s Congress and the resistance fighters of Ansar Allah, Socialist, Nasserite, Baath and others is a line of the path of the resistance of Yemenis, which should be maintained by everyone until the victory of the Yemeni people. 

He pointed to the inferior view of the Arabs of the Gulf to the Yemenis and their clear desire that the Yemenis have no will, opinion or position. They have already rejected unity, supported separation and now support traitors in order to tear the Yemeni people apart. 

“They are killing our children, our women and our elders. When we respond, the world stands up to criticize us as if the blood of the Yemeni people is worthless while oil is of value.” 

“We declare from this Hall to continue to stand and challenge on the 29th anniversary of the unitary day and we will continue the battle for Yemen,” he said. “Unity is the safety valve of the homeland.

The member of the General Committee, the head of the conference branch in the capital, Dr. Jamal Al-Khulani, welcomed the attendees, pointing out that Yemen’s unity is the most important achievement ever achieved for the Yemeni people in the modern era after they have dreamed of it and struggled to achieve it for a long time. 

“The national unity and the establishment of the Republic of Yemen was not only an emotional national achievement, but its usefulness was limited to reuniting the Yemenis in one country as a final goal. It was a great political, economic, social, military and all-round action,” he said. 

Al-Khoulani pointed out that the corruption of some and the interests of the party and the interests and hostile directions and external interventions have damaged the unity process and caused the country to become in the maze and side conflicts that hampered the process of construction and development hoped and disrupted the process of utilization of available capabilities and resources, but reached the point of sabotage of existing achievements.

Al-Khulani affirmed that Yemen’s unity will continue to be protected by the Yemeni people, its real owner and the owner of the interest of its survival and under it banner of the Republic of Yemen. The Yemeni people will regain their sovereignty over every inch of their precious land. 

A poetry poem by the poet Muhsin al-Midan was delivered at the ceremony.

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